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Norblingka With Love Fashion Show

The Fashion Show, Norblingka With Love, displayed the handiwork of the Cottage Industry Women participating in The SHIFT2012 beta program.

Kuten La Prayer to Open the Fashion Show

The Kuten La and monks opened Fashion Week with a unique prayer for Peace along side Ilonka Harezi who moderated, hosted and designed the clothing modeled on the runway at the Setai Hotel, South Beac

Kuten La in Miami at the Opening Day of Fashion Week, Setai Hotel, The SHIFT2012

Kuten La awarded and greeted everyone with a Kurta to the Opening Day of Miami Fashion Week at the Setai Hotel. The Fashion Show, Norblingka With Love, displayed the handiwork of the Cottage Industry Women participating in The SHIFT2012 beta program. This interview was for the Spanish Television Station, Telemundo, who was there to film the event as well as other U.S. newscasters

Dream Project

The Dream Project is a beta test for the JYBA Scholastic Curriculum Program (Final step to The Shift2012 Program) that was instituted in the inner city Celerity Schools. Kelly Sullivan developed the training manual,teacher and student curriculum. It was so well received, that the Mayor of LA wrote a letter recognizing the work and suggesting it be implemented in all LA schools.

Norlha – Beta Test The Shift 2012 Cottage Industry in Dolpo for Women

This slide video is the process the women of Norlha go through to create the exquisite shawls of Yak wool. Instead of $5 trinkets sold to tourists in Katmandu, these shawls through this program, sell for $2000 and the entire line is sold out yearly.

The SHIFT2012

Shift 2012 is a global plan for peace through economic stability and social responsibility. It is a three part plan starting with UNTHINKLINK, moving on to The Action Plan, and then culminating in the final long range plan, JYBA. This animated speech was written for the St Petersburg International Economic Forum by Ilonka Harezi.

Part 4

This part of the adventure puts Lama Tenzen and the children close to the village and spirits are renewed...get ready with lots of tissue as the reunion of the children with their relatives who left them for dead, is nothing but tear jerking!.

Part 3

Part 3 of the documentary pulls your mind through the difficult passages of the journey, the hypothermia and very little food along with the difficulty of the journey keeps you on the edge of your seat. Then the reality sets in, this isn't a movie, this is the real thing! Teslar Entertainment.

Part 2

Part Two of this incredible story of courage among 11 children, Lama Tenzen, and a strong willed camera crew to portray the story of children raising a village, not a village raising the children. It is a village at the top of the world never before filmed and its people that time forgot. Teslar Entertainment.

Part 1

Walking the Waking Journey is a documentary that follows 11 orphaned children which Lama Tenzen rescued from certain death back to their village, 18,000 feet high in the Himalaya region of Upper Dolpo where no camera crew has filmed before. A Teslar Entertainment Film, it has won 8 Global Documentary Film Festival Awards. Due to the fact it is a full length movie, it is presented in several Parts. Executive Directors: Ilonka Harezi and Courtland Reeves, Producer Donna Duberry , associate producer Sheila Nevarro , Director Ferdie Balang.

Walking The Waking Journey Trailer

This is the trailer to Walking the Waking Journey Documentary which was created by Teslar Entertainment for the JYBA Project. Lama Tenzen and his 11 children take a harrowing trek back to Upper Dolpo where no camera has been before to renew the faith in the villagers that one day their outcast children will return to be the teachers, lawyers and other professionals. It is about the children raising the village not the village raising the children. Winner of 8 Film Festival awards and featuring the children of Lama Tenzen's Orphanage in India.

30 Sec Chouette Teslar TV Ad

This 30 Sec Ad was made and features Christie Wu, Teslar's Licensee for Chouette Teslar Watches. Chouette is a famous recognized brand in Hong Kong and the Far East and is the watch designer and producer, Teslar is the technology inside.

The Resonance In Residence

This DVD takes you on a quantum journey explaining difficult quantum research in an easy to understand fashion through the eyes of Ilonka Harezi and her work in scalar and electromagnetic fields.

Resonance in Residence Trailer

This trailer describes the fascinating world that researcher Ilonka Harezi devoted 25 years of study ... the mind field and her findings, which take you on a ride of understanding quantum fields and how they interact with the body and all things.

Ilonka Harezi Explanation of The Teslar Technology

Ilonka Explains the Teslar Technology with total review in this 9 minute segment. Very important video to understand her work on the Quantum.

5 Minute Trailer The Shift 2012

This trailer is a fast paced thumb nail of The SHIFT 2012 program.

Our Mission

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The Original TESLAR® Chip

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