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  • Every organism has it's own composition of electrically charged cells that perform daily activities to keep the body functioning. Electrically charged cells create the body's electromagnetic signature. Your signature is a blueprint; no one is exactly like you. Strengthen the potential of your body's electromagnetic blueprint.

    The TESLAR® watch is engineered to produce a non-Hertzian/scalar wave shown to screen or shield the body from other ELF signals. The watch sits on the wrist over the triple warmer meridian, an important acupuncture point in the body's energy system. It emits a specialized signal spread that surrounds the body within a bubble or cushion, so most other frequencies cannot enter. Those frequencies that do penetrate this reinforced ‘cocoon’ are more easily eliminated by the brain's natural frequency screening mechanism. In other words, the body, rather than being radiated with radio or television signals, radiates its own natural earth environment 8 Hz signal. In a pilot study done by Dr. Eldon Byrd, PhD, EEG tests showed an 80% difference in frequencies coming into the brain when wearing the TESLAR® watch. The study indicates the brain throws-off 80% of assaulting ELF. 
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