TESLAR technology came from an identified need to protect people from the dangers of manmade electromagnetic fields that have emerged from electrically-based technology. Through our research we have developed an effective Scalar watch called TESLAR, named after Nikola Tesla.



Scalar carries information on its omni directional waveform. W e use this technology as a delivery system for the body.




TESLAR seeks to combine scalar technology & conscious capitalism: helping communities become more local, functional, sustainable and abundant. Check out some of our current projects to find out how you can start becoming more inspired to live a sustainable, healthier lifestyle.

Our Mission

Every organism has it's own make up of electrically charged cells that preform daily activities to keep the body functioning. Electricaly charged cells create the body's electromagnetic signature. Your signature is a blueprint, no one is exactly like you. Strengthen the potential of your body's electromagnetic blueprint.. Read More .......

The Original TESLAR Chip

Invented in 1986, the chip puts TESLAR Tech inside the TESLAR wristwatch to help strengthen the body biofield.

The TESLAR� watch, with TESLAR Tech inside, has become a hit among celebrities, watch enthusiasts and people in search of healthy lifestyles. TESLAR timepieces and bracelets are available at retail locations all over the world. Read More ...